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Is your child complaining of tooth pain? Your child may need to have a baby tooth extracted. Call 254-771-2515 now to set up an appointment with the caring pediatric dental experts at Dr. C. Brent Boyd, D.D.S, Pediatric Dentistry.

  • Dental checkup

  • X-ray of the tooth

  • Simple baby tooth extractions

Extraction procedure

Rely on our expertise for high-quality dental services and technological improvements for your child's dental health.

Eliminate your child's tooth pain

When your children grow and begin to lose baby teeth, they could experience abnormal pain. If your child has excessive tooth pain, please note that it could be caused by improper growth or other problems. Trust Dr. C Bremt Boyd, D.D.S. our pediatric dental expert, and our friendly professional staff to remove your child's tooth with as little pain as possible. Come to our conveniently located clinic in Temple, TX today.

Caring dental extraction services

Expert Tooth Extractions

Come to Our Pediatric Dental Clinic in Temple, TX. Call Now to Schedule an Appointment: